Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Gift Idea - ROCKY ROAD

There are many rocky road recipes out there, and my staple was one with marshmallows and sultanas and nuts and then I Turkish Delight Rocky Road from the Wonderful Donna Hay Christmas recipes which was wonderful but oh so expensive to make for gifts - but i did do it  this one with Turkish delights a few years back that I loved but it was costly to make so it was always for a special treat.

So in preparation for the 12 hour crop and to get some Chrissy gift giving started - the cakes were about to be baked, if i am spending time in the kitchen best make a day of it. So I headed to the shop to get the ingredients for my easy as recipe with red frogs that everyone loves, browsing the isles I remember that Corrie posted her recipe (white chocolate rocky road) with Raspberries lollies in it so I gave it a go mixing her recipe with mine and WOW talk about yummo.

so here it is as I made it this week.

  • 250g block Cadbury dairy milk cooking chocolate
  • 190g block Cadbury Bar Of Plenty Chocolate Roast Hazelnut & Honey
  • 100g bag Betta Mallow Bakes
  • 180g bag Coles raspberries lollies - cut these in half with a pair of kitchen scissors
  • half a 300g box of Authentic Turkish Delight {optional} - cut these in half with a pair of kitchen scissors, then drop back into the box, so that they get coated in the icing sugar to stop the cut edge sticking to each other
  • Shredded Coconut for sprinkling.
Now all of those made a really nice batch but for my gift giving I added half a box of RT Authentic Turkish Delight, and can't resist buying it when it's on special anyway and it was last week only $7.99

so the cost of a single batch is approximately $15 - when you think from the double batch, I have 4 gifts, served it up for afternoon tea at my Christmas Crop and still had some for the family to raid not bad in my stakes of Christmas gift giving...that's pretty good cost effective gift giving.

  • Break chocolate into chunks and place into a glass bowl set over simmering water or melt in a microwave proof bowl until melted. {having no microwave i do the water method and I have time to chop the other bits while its melting.
  • Cut your Turkish delight and raspberry lollies into pieces -
  • there are about 7 almonds thrown in as I was decorating my Christmas cake and they were left over - not part of the recipe but shows you can add more.
  • Once chocolate is melted mix through all your other ingredients. 
  • Line a slice tray with baking paper and spread mixture into this tray.
  • Sprinkle with a light sprinkling of shredded coconut.
  • Set aside in the fridge to set and then cut and wrap in cellophane bags for gifts - and try not to eat it all first.!!!!

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