Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Corries 3 Hour Meatballs

Well earlier today, Corrie from Retromummy Blog, posted on facebook about her 3 hour meatballs....well with the weather being cold and wet it sounded like a great idea.

So, quick phone call to the Dad Taxi who was off dropping off Miss B at the Manly Ferry for her winter holiday shopping spree. I got Dad Taxi to whizz via Harris Farm at Manly to pick me up some more tomatoes.

But Being a girl who likes to tweak recipes and fly by the seat of my pants, I thought mmmm soup for lunch sounds good, and I love my Tomato Soup with Cashew and coconut Sambal. So it was off to the kitchen.

So here is my version of Corries Recipe including my Soup for lunch

I started with 2 buckets of Tomatoes from Harris Farm which I chopped in half tossed into the largest baking tray drizzled about 1/2 cup olive oil and lots of salt and pepper, to coin the phrase from Good Chef Bad Chef, tomatoes love salt and salt loves tomatoes. Topped with one head of Garlic, cloves all peeled. Roast in the oven at 160 degrees for about 1 hour and half.

Whilst I was doing this Hubby, organised the meatballs he took the just purchased from Harris Farm1kg mince, added 1 finely diced red onion, 2 beaten eggs, 2 slices of  organic spelt bread grated into breadcrumbs2 slices bread made into breadcrumbs about 1/4 cup water and a mix of parsley, oregano and basil all fresh from the garden finally chopped. Once it was all combined it sat in the covered in the fridge till dinner.

Back to the sauce and the soup.
I chopped 2 red onions and added them to my large non stick roaster pot with a drizzle of olive oil. In a smaller pot I added another drizzle olive oil and one diced red onion and 2 diced carrots, letting both post saute for about 5 minutes.. To the smaller pot I ladled 3 large ladles of tomatoes, garlic and juice. The remainder of the oven roasted tomatoes went into the larger pot.

To the Sauce/larger pot I added almost 2 cups the last of the bottle of Red Pinot from the weekends drinkies. brought it to the boil and then poured in 3 cups of vegetable stock, simmered this for about 1 hour. Process this till smooth. Set aside ready for the meatballs. This is so rich from the red wine, it is delicious almost tempted to have this as soup too....

To the smaller pot I added 1 teaspoon ground coriander seeds, 1 teaspoon cumin, and a squirt of chilli paste, and 1 cup vegetable stock and let come to the boil and simmered till the carrots where cooked. Then processed this till smooth. this made 2 bowls for hubby and I which I topped with some processed cashews, coconut and parsley and a little water sambal....oh so YUM

OK back to dinner, the sauce has been tuned off for the afternoon. So I turned it back on and brought it up to a simmer, then got Dylan to roll small walnut sized meatballs, dropping them into the sauce, bring up to a boil and simmer meatballs till cooked about half hour give or take. Shred a little fresh basil and some fresh Parmesan over and serve with either pasta or a salad we didn't have either just an awesome traditional sour dough roll to help mop up that sauce!!! OH MY !!! the plates were wiped clean with that bread!!

Tonight's weather was perfect for it too!!!


  1. yum sonia! love how you got 2 dishes from all those tomatoes!

    gotta love dad's taxi! my justin does a lot of running around for me and secretly I think he just likes to get out of the house for a while!

    looks delish! perfect day for it!


    1. This is too funny, just noticed the date, a year to the day, and I'm craving it again and I had to call on the dad taxi again, tomatoes are cooking the meatballs are rolled onto frying the onions

    2. Oh this is too funny, just realised the date, and I'm doing it again