Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RETREAT 14 Recipe Scrap 3 cooked by Michelle Winston

you will need:-
  • 1 x (13cm x 18cm) landscape photo or photos to fit this same area.
  • 1 x piece cardstock or pattern paper (mine is Kraft)
  • 4 x different pattern papers - scraps are fine as long as you have these sizes:
PP1 - 13cm H x 8cm L

PP2 - 10cm H x 20cm L

PP3 - 5cm H x 21cm L

PP4 - 3cm H x 11cm L

  • 1 x piece of felt at least 2cm H x 9cm L (can be a pre-made felt embellie if same size)
  • 1 x bulldog clip or special pin (Recipe1Photo)
  • 1 x small chipboard embellishment (mine is a heart)
  • 1 x circular journal spot - average size (Recipe2 Photo)
  • 1 x large brad
  • 1 x set small alpha stickers or dymo labels
  • 1 x set large alpha stickers (eg. Thickers)
  • 1 x Black Pen
  • 1 x embroidery need and thread (optional)
  • Other embellishments as you like.

let’s create:-
  1. Place PP1approx 4.5cm from the bottom of the cardstock (CS), and 4.5cm from the left hand side (LHS) of the CS. Adhere to CS.
  2. Place PP2 on top of PP1, so that PP2 is 3cm from the bottom of the CS, and 8.5cm from the LHS of the CS. Adhere to page.
  3. Place PP3 on top of PP2, so that PP3 is 5cm from the bottom of the CS, and 5.5cm from the LHS of the CS. Adhere to page.
  4. Place PP4 on top of PP3, so that PP4 is 4cm from the bottom of the CS, and 6.5cm from the LHS of the CS. Adhere to page.

Congratulations. You have now created your photo matt !

  1. Place your photo(s) on the matt so that it sits approx 6.5cm from the bottom of the CS, and 10cm from the LHS of the CS. (Multiple photos will have to be arranged as best they suit).
  2. Place your title, using a combination of small and large alphas / dymo labels, so that it sits along the bottom of the photo and photo matt. Place as you like & adhere when happy.
  3. Adhere your journal spot and the large brad on the bottom right hand corner of the photo(s). Add any other embellishments you might like.
  4. Cut a line of scallops from your felt, approx 2cm x 9cm, and attach to the top left hand corner of the cardstock, and approx 1.5cm from the LHS of the CS. Use the bulldog clip / pin and small embellishments to decorate.
  5. Using your pen, doodle borders around the cardstock and pattern papers.
  6. Add hand or machine stitching for further embellishment (optional).

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