Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Todays Recipe Scrap


I have done mine on a round diecut, if you dont have one you could always use a dinner plate ot cut a cicrcle and attach to a 12x12.

round diecut
7x9 cardstock
6x2 pp or c/s
6x1 pp or cs
5x1 pp or c/s
2x0.5 pp or c/s

2x 6x 4 landscape photos

mini alphas
small piece or ribbon to make into a bow

1. place the 7x9 (9 going up) onto the left side so the corners just reach edge of circle 9approx 2 inches in form left)
2. place (dont stick yet) the photos so they are central on the 7x9 c/s
3. take the 6x2 9 ( i have a punched side on mine) and place it on the left side of photos, slide it under the photos on a slight angle so only some pokes out.
4. the 6x1 goes over the top of the last piece of paper, so its slightly over the paper and photos (hope that makes sense?).
5. the 5x1 (i have also a punched border) slides under the bottom right corner of photo and so some pokes out the end of photo.
6. the 2x 0.5 goes over the top of that paper and photo corner.
7. place the sticker on top of these 1 (so they all overlap slightly).
8. use mini alphas to put your title down right side direct in the circle
9. place a small ribbon bow under the title
10. I have finished of with the date in mini alphas below the ribbon.

Please leave a comment if this is just to confusing!!! Not the best at doing these (giving instructions) so if something doesnt sound right let me know and i can try reword.

Dont forget to share in the Forever ALways Gallery, will pop mine in there.

Thanks Belinda


  1. I like the sound of this one Belinda, might be what I need to get me motivated today....

  2. I was just thinking the same thing Sonia. Thanks Belinda.

  3. Have gathered some supplies and was reading thru the instructions, but had to sneak a quick peak at your layout in the gallery Belinda. Photos are landscape in yours. And your layout is beautiful. Now off to find some photos.

  4. Oops, thanks Kye i just edited it!!

  5. Mine is finished and I didn't use either portrait or landscape in the end anyway!! I went with just 1 photo and added a few bits extra. Thanks for the inspiration Belinda