Sunday, April 11, 2010

Recipe to perfect Word/Shape Bling with Michelle Winston

Bling words and shapes are quite "in" at the moment, not to mention, that they look fab on your projects. But how many have you ruined, because when you peeled it off, you lost the shape ???
Well, ruin no more ! Here's a very simple tutorial on how to apply that bling successfully !


  • Bling Shape or word
  • Invisible or Magic sticky tape (very important)
  1. Remove bling from packaging.
  2. Place strips of sticky tape over the top of your bling. Make sure all parts are covered !
  3. Carefully lift your bling off the backing sheet. You will find that some bling works better than others.

Apply the bling to your project, pressing down firmly.Carefully remove the tape. In Step 5, you can see the reason for using good quality invisible / magic don't want sticky tape ripping paper on your projects !
Good luck and Happy Scrapping,

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