Monday, April 12, 2010

Double Trouble - KaiserCraft Carnival Christmas Collection

This recipe sees you make 2 single pages that can be a double.

  • 5" x 7" portrait photo
  • Three 2”x3” portrait photos & Five 3”x2” landscape photos Or your could use just Two 4x6 landscapes
  • Two 12" x 12" cardstock or patterned paper for background
  • Two 1.5”x12” strips (A) patterned paper
  • Two 5" x 7" (B) patterned Paper
  • Two 5" x 7" (C) patterned Paper
  • Two 5" x 7" (D) patterned Paper
  • Large number
  • Medium alpha stickers
  • Large ampersand (&)
  • Large chipboard word
  • Tiny alpha stickers
  • 2 Die Cut Embellies (file tab & journal spot, set of brackets)
  • 2 large Buttons
  1. Construct the base of each page identically.
  2. Place A horizontally across the page 2 ½ inches up from the bottom.
  3. Place B over A horizontally 1inch up from bottom and in from RHS of page.
  4. Place C over A & B vertically ½ inch up from bottom and 1 inch in from LHS of page.
  5. Place D 2 inches down from top of page and in from RHS of page.
Left page photo AND embellishment placement
  1. Place 5”x7” photo vertically 3 ½ inches from LHS and 1 ¼ inch up from bottom
  2. Place one landscape 2x3 inch photo on the RHS of this matching the bottom line and flush to the RHS of the page.
  3. Place one portrait 2x3 inch photo above this flush with paper A and RHS of page. OPTIONAL – 4x6 photos….cut approximately 2inches from one of your photos and place flush to RHS of page and level with 5x7 photo.
  4. Place large number on Paper C just overlapping 5x7 photo.
  5. Place medium alpha sticker subtitle next to number and running along the bottom of paper C under photo.
  6. Place die cut embellishment (photo tab) above number on to the photo – this is a great place to add your date.
  7. Place die cut embellishment (journal spot) overlapping main photo and smaller ones.
  8. Place 2 large buttons in the gap between photos and above the journal spot.
Right page photo AND embellishment placement
  1. Rotate page to the right one turn – so that your border is now running up and down on the RHS of page.
  2. Place one portrait 2x3 photo overlapping Paper D, 1 ¼ inch up from bottom of page & flush with LHS of page. Continue placing photos two of the landscape 2x3 photos running in a line and using a ¼ inch gap between.
  3. Place one landscape 2x3 photo ¼ inch up from this row of photos and flush with LHS of page. Continue again in a line placing the last landscape 2x3 and then the portrait 2x3 also using a ¼ inch gap between. OPTIONAL – 4x6 photos….place remainder of cut photo flush to LHS of page and 2nd photo next to this leaving a ¼ inch gap.
  4. Place large chipboard title between the die cut brackets above your photos on to paper D.
  5. Place tiny word subtitle above photos.
  6. Place large ampersand centre of photos and on the edge of paper C, then place medium sticker words above and below this.
  7. Embellish to suit and you are finished!!!
My layout features the KaiserCraft Carnival Christmas Collection

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